Hi, I'm Brad and I do contract programming.

PHP/MySQL powered websystems and websites are a specialty of mine. I've worked on projects of all complexities, and depths - from design to implementation: anything from CMSs to games, from elaborate database frontends to low-level data manipulation engines, from simple scripts to instruction-set emulators, and all with PHP.

HTML/CSS/Javascript tend to be coupled tightly with PHP. That someone with immense PHP experience would be similarly experienced with HTML/CSS/Javascript would be an easy assumption to make. My interest in interface design takes my experience even further and has been very condusive to extending my experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript beyond that of your average webdeveloper.

Actionscript 3/Flex 2 are both fairly new, at least when compared to PHP. Luckily, I have a good deal of experience with both and actually really appreciate Actionscript 3, as a language. Similarly, I have experience with the Flash IDE, Actionscript 2, and have even used haXe. Flash provides another way to create interfaces that are both interesting and intuitive.

To contact Brad, please direct your e-mails to bradgill@gmail.com, or fill out the form below.